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Ready Made Folding Modular Container House/Prefab Foldable Container Home

Ready Made Folding Modular Container House/Prefab Foldable Container Home


Modular container panels is an emerging panel used in the residential building industry in China, Magnesium oxide board is made of natural materials such as inorganic substances, plant fibers. It is environmentally friendly, healthy, and pollution-free, with no asbestos, formaldehyde and radiation.





We provide fantastic energy in top quality and advancement, merchandising, gross sales and marketing and operation for T&G Ceiling Board, Manufactured Home Wall Panels, Certificated Mgo Panel. On the basis of consolidating quality first, we should also provide better products and services for customers. We will establish the industry with sincerity, build people with virtue, regard customer success as the foundation of our enterprise development and join hands with strategic partners to create a new era. With a strong team of experienced engineers in hose design and development, we value every opportunity to provide best products and solutions for our customers.


Modular container panels pass the A-level fire test, 800 degrees without burning, 1200 degrees without flames, reaching the national flame retardant performance A1 level standard.

At the same time, the glass magnesium board has waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Wall material softening coefficient ≥1. It can be used in kitchen, basement, mine and other wet areas.

The wall material has good sound insulation and sound absorption function. The sound insulation of the 75mm thick composite wall board reaches 30dB, which is much higher than that of ordinary sound insulation board 20dB.

Earthquake resistance, impact resistance. After testing, the wall material has a strength ≥10Mpa, and its impact resistance is greater than that of ordinary sand-free plates.

Insulation and energy saving, no cracks, no halogen, no mildew, no worms. The thermal conductivity coefficient of the wall material is less than 0.195, and the dry shrinkage coefficient of the wall material is less than 0.4%.

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Honesty is the foundation of being a human being, the foundation of the survival and development of an enterprise, and the first consideration in supervising our production of each Ready Made Folding Modular Container House/Prefab Foldable Container Home. Dedication and enthusiasm have become our determination to establish a professional brand and the standards we serve customers worldwide. Our company adheres to the business philosophy of 'people-oriented, pursuit of excellence, realistic innovation, and service to the society'.
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