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Progeneus 7.5mm Fiber Cement Wood Grain Panel Siding

Progeneus 7.5mm Fiber Cement Wood Grain Panel Siding


Wood Grain Fiber Cement Panel is a unique fiber cement composite of natural fibers bonded in a high-grade silicate structure tightly.





We believe in long expression and trusted relationship for XPS Sandwich Panel, 9mm Mgo Board, 12mm Fibre Cement Board. We constantly improve the internal supply chain information processing platform to ensure that orders and customer demand are handled accurately and efficiently. Our company guarantees continuous product improvement and continuous innovation.

Wood Grain Fiber Cement Panel is a unique fiber cement composite material, natural fibers bonded in high grade silicate structure tightly. 

Product information:
The Wood Grain Fiber Cement Panel adopts high quality quartz sand, silicate, natural fiber, and a variety of selected mineral. It will generate no radioactivity and harmful elements under high temperature and high pressure, which is a new type of environmental friendly material. The surface with the typical natural cedar wood grain, appearance is natural and beautiful. It can also prevent the attack of white ant and sawteeth animals. 

Minimal maintenance,  amazing colors and design, 100% waterproof, fireproof, no formaldehyde.
Light weight, easy installation, lower price, environmental friendly,  no shrinking or swelling.
Bacteria resistance, stable color, shorter lead time. 

External siding/cladding.
Exterior wall thermal insulation decorative panel.
Interior/Exterior wall decoration panel.

The Wood Grain Fiber Cement Panel is widely used in commercial building, residential, office, supermarket, hotel, theatre, school, subway, airport, railway station, rest room, serve as an alternative to natural marble, natural wood, natural stone, MDF, ceramic tile, ACP, Aluminium sheet, etc.
Data Information

Floding strength under the natural dampish state(Mpa):

11 ±2

Drying shrinkage:


Anti-folding elastic modulus(Mpa):

> 3000



Clutching nail force:

>  600

Heat couductivity coefficient(w/m.k):

0.19(density 1200kg/m3)

Sound insulation calue:

36dB(single panel)

Water absorption:





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