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No Chloride Magnesium Sulfate Board Fireproof 10mm MGO Board Price

No Chloride Magnesium Sulfate Board Fireproof 10mm MGO Board Price


Magnesium Oxide Panels is made of natural materials such as inorganic substances, plant fibers. It is environmentally friendly, healthy, and pollution-free, with no asbestos, formaldehyde and radiation.





Over the years, we have won the recognition and praise of domestic and foreign users in the field of Soundproof False PVC Ceiling Panel, Fireproof Decorative Wall Panel, XPS Sandwich Panel. Welcome new and old customers and technical experts to give valuable advice and guidance to our products. Enterprises must not only have a strong vitality, but also a great soul. Our company has always insisted on providing diversified and wide-ranging services for users, elaborately created a strong professional culture and built a bond of integrity, loyalty and harmony among enterprises, customers and employees.


Magnesium Oxide Panels is a kind of wall material with excellent comprehensive efficiency. It has excellent properties such as light weight, thin sheet, moisture proof, fire prevention, sound insulation and thermal insulation, and has simple construction, less wet work, and high installation efficiency. It can be widely used in the internal partition walls of frame buildings and the partition walls of various buildings , And the internal partition wall of the large open room to flexibly partition the building system, especially suitable for the construction of various fast-installed houses and the addition of old houses. The application of lightweight partition wall panels can reduce the weight of the building, reduce the cost of foundation and structure, and increase the actual area of the building.



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Our No Chloride Magnesium Sulfate Board Fireproof 10mm MGO Board Price has its own unique advantages, and the quality is comparable to the industry's cutting-edge brands. The same way can make us think of each other, and all our business management methods are based on our mission. We adhere to the business philosophy of 'quality assurance, quality dedication, moral first, integrity-based'.

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