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Mgso4 Magnesium Sulfate Board Chloride Free MGO Board

Mgso4 Magnesium Sulfate Board Chloride Free MGO Board


Fireproof interior wall panel manufacture, cheap price wall panel.





We'll make each hard work to become excellent and excellent, and speed up our measures for 3mm Mgo Board, Acoustic Perforated Ceiling, Exterior Wall Cement Board. Our company takes the good faith as the key link, takes the quality as the guarantee, takes the customer as the center, becomes the industry unceasingly enhances the product quality and the service level standard. We accurately grasp the opportunity, so that our business scale continues to grow and expand, and we have won the trust of our customers with excellent products! We've been looking forward to serving you. 'Valuable suggestions from customers are the ladder of the company's progress' is the unchangeable truth that the company has long believed in. It is this kind of concept and the unlimited creativity that makes the company invincible in the fierce competition.

Basic information

Because the main raw materials of MGO Mgso4 board are MgO and MgSO4, it widens the application areas of the board. Magnesium sulfate board overcome the problems of original MgO board,like moisture absorption back to halogen, easy to warp deformation.

It is made of magnesium sulfate (MGO), magnesium oxide (MGSO4), per-lite and wood fiber. With specific temperature and longer time for curing process, sulfate mgo board offers outstanding performance in bending strength, impact strength and stability.

Product test

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We will design and develop the most cost-effective Mgso4 Magnesium Sulfate Board Chloride Free MGO Board for you at your acceptable cost. With good quality, reasonable price and sincere service, we enjoy a good reputation. With excellent product quality, extensive application performance and excellent service, we assume the responsibility and mission of leading the development of the industry.

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