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Luxury Style Single Glazed Extruded Aluminium Glass Partition Wall

Luxury Style Single Glazed Extruded Aluminium Glass Partition Wall


Design Decorative Partition Wall is made of high purity magnesium oxide, MGO sulfate (Mgso4) replace of magnesium chloride(Mgcl2), high strength fiber glass mesh, perlite, non-woven fabrics.





Our company has a senior technical team with rich experience in the industry for many years. We have been committed to the field of Magnesium Sulfate Board, Fiber Cement Board Exterior Wall Siding, Mgso4 Board for a long time. Please feel free to contact us! So we welcome friends from all over the world to come and contact us, not only for business, but also for friendship. The scale of our company is gradually expanding, and the product technology is constantly updated and improved. We take the spirit of enterprise as the core to gather the sense of belonging, enthusiasm and creativity of employees.


The design decorative mgo partition wall panel has excellent fireproof performance during use, and there is no emission of formaldehyde and organic VOC and no emission of toxic smoke during the combustion process, so it is a green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly ecological material, and it is safe and environmentally friendly.

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Our company mainly operates Luxury Style Single Glazed Extruded Aluminium Glass Partition Wall and other business sectors, with comprehensive product series, reliable quality, and excellent performance, achieving core technological breakthroughs and possessing core component manufacturing capabilities. While focusing on technological leadership and professional development, we strengthen the quality management system and continuously improve customer satisfaction. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit and cooperate with us. We hold strengthening and perfecting our items and repair.

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