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Insulation and Plaster Panel at Great Low Prices

Insulation and Plaster Panel at Great Low Prices


The surface of mgo board fireproof door panel supports pasting wallpaper, skin of red beech or white beech, coating, painting and applying with ceramic tiles or mosaics.





Our company adheres to the business philosophy of 'continuous improvement, comprehensive innovation, people-oriented, and co-creating value', and strives to build the company into a world-class manufacturer of Mgso4 Board, Certificated Mgo Panel, Ceiling. Quality First, and Customer Supreme is our guideline to provide the best service to our customers. We plan a lot of strength on development capabilities of new products, through which we work closely with relevant colleges and universities. We will work whole-heartedly to improve our products and services. It really is our obligation to satisfy your requirements and efficiently serve you.


Magnesium chloride has a very wide range of uses and can be used as an excellent fire retardant. Its fire resistance is relatively high. Let me explain why magnesium chloride can play a role in fire protection.
1. Magnesium chloride has strong water absorption, and can form a water-wet film. The wet film will isolate the air, and it will naturally play a fire-proof effect.

2. Magnesium chloride fire retardant changes the ionization characteristics of the surface of flammable molecules, making it less prone to oxidation reaction. Without the continuous accumulation of heat, it naturally plays a good role in fire prevention.

3. Once a flame occurs, after reaching a certain temperature, magnesium chloride can quickly decompose and release chlorine gas to achieve rapid fire extinguishing effect.

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We uphold a consistent level of professionalism, quality, credibility and repair for Insulation and Plaster Panel at Great Low Prices. We will make timely and reasonable adjustments to the competitive strategy according to the implementation progress and evaluation results to ensure the complete realization of the entire enterprise goal. We will work hard to provide customers with high-quality products and services with a pragmatic and innovative spirit.
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