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Hotel Operable Partition Wall System Design Decorative Partition Wall

Hotel Operable Partition Wall System Design Decorative Partition Wall


Design Decorative Partition Wall is made of high purity magnesium oxide, MGO sulfate (Mgso4) replace of magnesium chloride(Mgcl2), high strength fiber glass mesh, perlite, non-woven fabrics.





We always regard innovation as our life, and advocate innovation by all staff and in all aspects, and focus on creating the most advanced and high-quality Fireproof Material For Fireplace, Sandwich Panel, Mgo Hpl Board. Many large trading companies import products from us, so we can give you the best price with the same quality if you are interested in us. Our enterprise is based on integrity, harmony, innovation and development. We insist on never making concessions on quality issues, and promptly discover, handle, and give feedback on quality issues. We have formed a world-leading technology system and a service culture that makes customers satisfied with our heart.


The design decorative mgo partition wall panel has excellent fireproof performance during use, and there is no emission of formaldehyde and organic VOC and no emission of toxic smoke during the combustion process, so it is a green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly ecological material, and it is safe and environmentally friendly.

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The company provides solutions to the needs of customers around the world with personalized customization, allowing the Hotel Operable Partition Wall System Design Decorative Partition Wall to add unique elements and becoming more vivid and rich, which greatly enhance the added value of products. We provide customers with a fast, convenient and all-round service system for before, in and after sales service. Enterprises based on good faith, everything for users, your requirements is our goal, your satisfaction is our wish.

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