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Fireproof Magnesium Oxide Board for Insulation Wall Panel

Fireproof Magnesium Oxide Board for Insulation Wall Panel


Fireproof Insulation Board is made of natural materials such as inorganic substances, plant fibers. It is environmentally friendly, healthy, and pollution-free, with no asbestos, formaldehyde and radiation. ​





We aim at the achievement of a richer mind and body and also the living for Fireproof Cement Board, Magensium Sulphate Board, Boards Mgo. By using modern technology at home and abroad, we persist in technical innovations and regard research and invent new products as our core competency. We always adhere to the strategic development of promoting production with technology, creating brand with quality, and promoting market development with brand, so as to realize scientific management.

Product description

This kind of Fireproof Insulation Board is the surface decorative refractory materials, with rich surface color, texture and special physical properties. It weighs a quarter as much as ordinary concrete and a third as much as clay bricks, lighter than water as well. Especially in the steel structure engineering, it can be used as the envelope structure, which can give full play to its advantages of light weight, high strength, good ductility and strong anti-seismic ability. The Fireproof Insulation Board is widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory surfaces, external walls and other fields. It is very popular with our customers around the world. 


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At the same time, we do the job actively to do research and improvement for Fireproof Magnesium Oxide Board for Insulation Wall Panel. Nowadays, with the increasingly fierce market competition, customer demand for products is increasingly showing a trend of diversification and individualization. We not only lead the industry in terms of brand, supply, and service, but also can provide customers with timely and feasible technical support and overall services to satisfy different customers at multiple levels demand.
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