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Feiberglass Sound Absorbing Panels Acoustic Baffle Ceiling

Feiberglass Sound Absorbing Panels Acoustic Baffle Ceiling


Ceiling panels is used magnesium oxide board for the base material. The surface is laminated with High quailty PVC, and the backside is pasted with strengthening aluminum foil.





Being kind to customers and employees is our company's business philosophy, and making the best quality Mgo Floor Board, HPL Laminated Board, Mgo Flooring for consumers is our highest pursuit. The world's advanced international quality management system and professional personnel ensure stable quality of our peoducts. Our corporate culture includes common values, entrepreneurial determination, competitive awareness, team spirit, brand building, etc., which make our development to a higher level.

Ceiling panels is used magnesium oxide board for the base material. The surface is laminated with High quailty PVC, and the backside is pasted with strengthening aluminum foil.

Magnesium ceiling size(Customizable size)










Material base

Mgo board

Surface material

Laminated PVC

Back material

Superior aluminum foil

Bending strength




Fireproof characteristic

A Grade

The corner is dealt with

Bright shelf platform/drops


100% does not include such harmful substances as the asbestons and etc.


Produce: paint on the surface of mgo ceiling board.

Avoid sink
The high-quality magnesia gel base plate has the most stabilization. The common ceilings often absorb water and sink, so our ceilings can make sure the excellence quality long-term.
Prevent fire
Measured by authoritative organization, the basic material is fireproof material for A grade. The panel will not burn or produce smog, and safety of life and property is guaranteed.
No dust
The components of this ceiling are so compact that there is little fiber dust left in the room. This ceiling could be used in high clean places.
Damp resistant
It has been tested that the basic material would never deformed or swelled when it is soaked in water. It also can maintain its property stably in the wet circumstance. In the back side, Wellyoung ceilings are pasted with aluminum foils which can radiate heat from top and play the function of heat insulation.

This product can prevent from acid, alkali, insect and rot. The high quality coat and film could keep the nice and neatness effect and reduce the replacement cost. For the surface is pasted with calendered film, this product can be re-used after washing.  
Environmental protection and Healthy
Without containing asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other substances which are harmful compositions, and have not been harmful in radiation, Wellyoung ceiling represents the new-type environmental protection materials.
This superior material is mainly used in the indoor decoration of super class buildings such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls theaters, cinemas, stations, auditoriums, offices, sitting rooms, business buildings, electronic workshops, precision apparatus rooms and industrial or residential buildings.

Through unremitting efforts, we have used new products, new technologies and distinctive service advantages to write a legend in the field of Feiberglass Sound Absorbing Panels Acoustic Baffle Ceiling. Our development is driven by the core values of "seeking truth, innovation, execution, and trustworthiness". In response to the challenges of global climate change, our company helps customers and other industries to reduce energy consumption and waste emissions through green production programs, and create social, economic and environmental benefits.

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