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Decorative Fireproof HPL Combine MGO Board Wall Panels

Decorative Fireproof HPL Combine MGO Board Wall Panels


The surface of mgo board fireproof door panel supports pasting wallpaper, skin of red beech or white beech, coating, painting and applying with ceramic tiles or mosaics.





Our success counts on building trusted, long-term client relationships, and focus on delivering first-class products and cost control. To make professional and advanced Fire Resistance Sandwich Panel, Oxysulphate Mgo Boards, Magnesium Drywall Board, we're committed to adhering to the strictest standards during manufacturing process. Welcome all nice buyers communicate details of solutions with us!! Since our establishment, we have established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises with high-quality products, reasonable prices and excellent services. We uphold the core values ​​of creating value for customers, sharing value with employees, and contributing value to society. We sincerely hope you can give us an prospect to provide you and be your best partner!


Magnesium chloride has a very wide range of uses and can be used as an excellent fire retardant. Its fire resistance is relatively high. Let me explain why magnesium chloride can play a role in fire protection.
1. Magnesium chloride has strong water absorption, and can form a water-wet film. The wet film will isolate the air, and it will naturally play a fire-proof effect.

2. Magnesium chloride fire retardant changes the ionization characteristics of the surface of flammable molecules, making it less prone to oxidation reaction. Without the continuous accumulation of heat, it naturally plays a good role in fire prevention.

3. Once a flame occurs, after reaching a certain temperature, magnesium chloride can quickly decompose and release chlorine gas to achieve rapid fire extinguishing effect.

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All staff of our company will continue to work tirelessly, engaged in manufacturing Decorative Fireproof HPL Combine MGO Board Wall Panels and improve innovation capabilities, striving to be a industry leader enterprise and create world-class products. We have always focused on technological innovation and product development, and have a high-quality technical research and development team, which provides a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of our company. Relying on high-tech technology, we provide complete solutions for customers.

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