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Heat resistance of fiberglass board

Dec 20, 2018

With the continuous improvement of the society, many high-tech products will be used in our decoration. The problem of decoration is also faced by us. There are many new environmentally friendly decoration materials that have gradually entered our lives. But people still have a lot of things that they don't understand. Fiberglass is a new material. Then let the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian now introduce the advantages and functions of the fiberglass board. What is fiberglass board?

1 glass fiber board, also known as fiberglass board, is generally used mainly in the soft base layer, and then wrapped on the outside of the fabric or leather, etc., to make a more beautiful wall or ceiling decoration. It is very widely used for its application. It also features sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection and sound absorption. Its workmanship and practicality are deeply loved by everyone, so it is also very common in society.

Advantages of fiberglass board

2 has high mechanical properties and electrical resistance, also has good heat and moisture resistance, as well as good processability. Generally used in plastic molds and machinery manufacturing.

Injection molding mold requirements: high temperature and low temperature touch; in the same machine conditions must use insulation, can not let the injection molding machine temperature is too high, can not let the injection low temperature. It is enough to install an insulating insulation board between the injection molding and the main unit. It reduces production time, increases productivity, reduces energy consumption, and improves finished product quality.