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What is the use of fiberglass board

Aug 23, 2018

Packaging Materials The carton industry replaces rigid cardboard with packaging materials of the same thickness as the packaging material, which is not only significantly lower in texture, appearance and grade than cardboard, but also relatively more environmentally friendly and less polluting than the paper industry. Therefore, the trend of converting fiberglass sheets into the packaging industry has been unable to block. At present, the use of fiberglass boards has begun to be used as packaging materials for mobile phones, leather, alcohol and tea. Building materials

The fiberglass board is evenly distributed and easy to process, so the main use is reflected in the building materials. Fiberglass panels are suitable for the production of door panels, siding, room barriers, building components such as skirtings, stair railings and more.

The home decoration fiberglass board is relatively lighter than the solid wood board, and the surface is flat and it is easier to stick various finishes, so the use of the fiberglass board is reflected in the home decoration. The fiberglass board can produce all kinds of panel furniture or plywood furniture; the furniture skeleton, after the veneer, unfolds the surface decoration. Car and boat production

The fiberglass board has small staggered strength difference and can be used for replacing natural boards such as shipbuilding, vehicle inner wall panels, roof panels and partitions. The use of fiberglass panels on vehicles and ships is cost-effective, simple to process, and more economical.

At present, the thickness of the MDF production equipment produced by the domestic MDF industry has covered the area to 2mm~44mm, which is in terms of overall industry capability. However, the production strength of domestic MDF enterprises is uneven. Some small and medium-sized manufacturers produce MDF thickness specification variables that are small, or can not produce thin plates, or the production process can not produce thick plates. Therefore, the general large buyers are often free to choose the MDF enterprises with strong corporate strength.