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What Is The Harmful Effect Of Inferior Magnesium Oxide Board?

Apr 03, 2019


First, since the main components of the magnesium oxide plate are magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride, in order to save costs, the proportion of the main components will become smaller, so the performance of the fire water will be weakened, and the physical properties will be reduced while immersing. More than 6%, and the moisture absorption rate and water absorption saturation and bending strength are greatly reduced, exceeding the 0.3% standard of "Glass Magnesium Board GB".

Second, the inferior magnesium oxide panel is cheaper in the procurement of raw materials, coupled with the production management is not rigorous, equipment and technology behind, it is easy to produce too much chloride ions, which easily lead to the return phenomenon of the plate, which directly leads to putty, paint, paint the failure of various rubber clays directly affects subsequent construction and overall engineering.

Tird, Inferior magnesium oxide board in order to save cost, the proportion of magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride will become smaller, and the relative density and strength of the plate will become smaller. The direct consequences are: 1. Locking force and adhesion. Insufficient, the board is fragile and easily deformed. 2. The bending resistance and impact resistance are insufficient, and the sheet is easy to fold and crack.

 At last, in terms of environmental protection, due to the cost issue, some non-environmental chemical items will be added to improve the physical properties of the board, which will cause the construction workers to be physically damaged and the overall project to be in a non-environmental environment for a long time.