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Advantages of fiberglass board

Nov 22, 2018

The reinforced fiberglass board produced by the reinforced fiberglass board manufacturer has excellent sound absorption performance and excellent fireproof performance, and the surface is combined with sound absorbing particles. The main function is to enhance the sound absorption effect and make it easier to install. Our company's reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic sheet is made of glass fiber with a diameter of only a few microns by using a unique centrifugal technology to process molten glass fiber and environmentally friendly formula binder mainly composed of thermosetting resin. Made of flexible glass fiber products, and can choose moisture-proof veneer online compound according to different customer requirements. Because it has a large number of tiny air gaps, it plays a role in thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, and safety protection. It is a good material for building thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Enhanced fiberglass board advantages:

Sound absorption and noise reduction can effectively prevent sound transmission.

The construction is simple and free to cut.

Antibacterial, anti-mild, anti-aging, anti-corrosion to ensure a healthy environment.

Class A1 fire protection, * non-combustible.

Low hygroscopicity and stable physical properties.

High vibration resistance and high durability

Reinforced fiberglass board

Reinforced fiberglass board is suitable for thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction of heating, ventilation, tank, air conditioning and other buildings in various commercial, industrial and residential buildings.