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The Purpose Of Fiber Cement Board

Jun 12, 2019

     Lightweight, high-strength, fire-proof and heat-insulating, durable, low shrinkage ratio, good processing performance, easy surface decoration, etc. are all advantages of cement fiberboard. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in interior and exterior walls and fire barriers of buildings. Wall panels, chemical companies, document halls, theaters, closed clothing markets, exterior wall insulation panels, composite wall panels, new homes, hospitals, stations, exterior wall scrapers, insulation panels and construction industries.

Our company has advanced automated production lines, strong technical force, unified technical standards, testing procedures, advanced testing equipment, professional cutting technology and advanced surface treatment technology in Europe. In the production and processing of cement fiberboard, first of all raw matreials are very improtant. There are also different grades of raw materials, and the prices of different grades of raw materials are different at the time of sale, and the effect will be different. When purchasing raw materials, we must be able to ensure the quality of the raw materials, and must be able to meet the production requirements of the products, so that the raw materials can be purchased and used. Riel method uses natural mineral fiber, cellulose fiber, etc., supplemented by high-grade cement as a raw material through a number of cumbersome processes.

       2.44*1.22 and 3.00*1.22 meters are the length and width of the fiberboard. The thickness of the plate is 18mm, 15mm, 12mm, 9mm, 8mm, 6mm, and the ultra-thin plate is 4mm.

       Every cement fiberboard we produce can withstand the quality inspection. Each sheet is super safe and harmless. It has been proved by experiments that the measured indicators in the installed buildings are 20 meters away from the surrounding buildings. The lawn value is the same, and the cement fiberboard is the super ideal decorative sheet.