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Product strength and shape

Mar 01, 2018

The glazing material used in the fiberglass board is mainly composed of high-performance film, reinforced polyester and glass fiber. The upper film should have a good anti-UV and anti-static effect, and the ultraviolet ray is to protect the FRP lighting plate. The ester does not yellow and age, and loses light transmission properties prematurely. Antistatic is to ensure that the dust on the surface is easily washed away by the rain or blown away by the wind to maintain a clean and beautiful surface. Due to its stable quality and durability, it is well received by customers and can be widely used in industrial/commercial/civil construction roofs and walls.

The function is similar to the commonly used glass, mainly used for roofing.

1: It can have the same shape as the wave type and the profiled steel plate. It belongs to glass fiber reinforced plastic and has the following characteristics:

2: It has good crush resistance, easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, easy installation and so on.

3: The product lighting is astigmatic, the light is soft, the transmittance is high, and it can effectively block most ultraviolet rays.

4: The product is a flammable material, which can discharge the smoke inside the room when the fire occurs rapidly, which can reduce the casualties of the fire. The product does not produce droplets during the combustion process, which can effectively protect the safe materials of the site personnel:

High quality resin + high performance film + high quality fiberglass

Function: strong anti-ultraviolet light + strong chemical resistance + strong self-cleaning property + strong anti-aging property + strong anti-pulverization property + high transmittance

2. Strength and Steel Strength refers to the maximum stress value in the object when the FRP lighting plate is damaged by force, including tensile, bending, impact, shearing and other strengths. The degree of steel resistance indicates the resistance of the FRP lighting board to deformation. Therefore, when the FRP lighting plate is formed, the reinforcing ribs are formed in some parts or the reinforcing ribs are made on the surface with the sub-fibers, so that the rigidity can be improved. The curing degree of FRP lighting board is ≥85%, so the lighting board produced by our company has both rigidity and toughness, and is not brittle, which is convenient for construction and installation.