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The Difference Between Mgo Board And Calcium Silicate Board

Mar 31, 2021

The difference between magnesium board and calcium silicate board

Both magnesium board and calcium silicate board are non-combustible materials, and in the non-combustible materials, they are both Class A plates. The glass magnesium board is made of magnesium oxide cement, and the calcium silicate board is made of Portland cement, gypsum, and quartz powder. The low alkalinity of the magnesium oxide cement makes the glass fiber and plant fiber available for the glass magnesium board. The fiber strength determines that the glass magnesium board has a very tough strength when the density is 0.85-1.

That is to say, the glass fiber of mgo board has low density and good strength, so it has light weight and high strength. The high alkalinity of calcium silicate board cannot use glass fiber and plant fiber, only very short asbestos or cellulose. The density must be high to have strength. Because the fiber is short, the density of the cement needs to be 1.3-1.5 to increase the hardness and strength, otherwise it is easy to break, but the glass fiber of the glass magnesium board is a cloth-like fiber, which has more advantages in bending and impact resistance. The alkaline calcium silicate board will corrode the glass fiber, and only asbestos and short pulp fibers can be used.

So toughness and handling are better than calcium silicate board. High-grade glass magnesium board is light in weight and high in strength.

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