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Introduction of raw materials for fiberglass board

Nov 22, 2018

Fiberglass board is a kind of board made of plant fiber as raw material, separated by fiber, sizing, damp, laying, hot pressing, sawing and inspection. It is one of the leading products of wood-based panel. Divided into hard fiberglass board, high-density fiberglass board, medium-density fiberglass board and soft fiberglass board according to the density. Its properties are quite different from those of raw materials and production processes. Hard glass fiberboard has a density of 0.8 g/cm 3 or more, often a side of light. Medium density fiberglass boards have a density of 0.45-0.88 g/cm3 and are commonly used in the construction and furniture manufacturing industries for packaging materials. The density of the soft fiberglass board is below 0.4 g/cm 3 . It is a sound absorbing structure with good sound absorption and heat insulation properties and is mainly used as a high-grade building (such as a theater). Production methods are wet, dry and semi-dry

Composite glass fiberglass board is an important new composite material used in modern decoration. It is widely used in people's living office. Its alias is called fiberglass insulation board, glass fiber board (FR-4), glass fiber synthesis. board. It is mostly used for the soft base layer, and it is covered with fabric, leather, etc., to make beautiful wall and ceiling decoration. The application is very extensive. With sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection, flame retardant and so on. However, there is also a special ceiling glass fiber slab, which is not made of fabric and leather. It is decorated with white or black decorative felt. It is used for decoration when it is used as ceiling, noise reduction, fire prevention, etc. Supermarkets, tobacco factories, schools, etc.