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Factors Affecting The Price Of Magnesium Oxide Board

Mar 22, 2019

After several decades of development, China's glass magnesium board manufacturers thousands of thousands, because of the degree of mastery of technology, the price of glass magnesium board is also very different.

To understand the price of glass magnesium, we must first understand the factors that affect its price. Now let me list a few core factors that affect the price of glass magnesium:

1. Moisture content: The moisture content control of glass magnesium board is very important. The glass magnesium plate used as the substrate can be heated to a temperature of 130-150 degrees Celsius when it is hot-pressed with a thin veneer such as melamine. If the moisture content of the substrate is too high, it will directly affect the pressing effect and cause common problems such as bubbles. The moisture content of Tianhua modified glass magnesium plate is controlled at about 8%, which completely solves the bubble problem of veneer pressing.

2. Surface flatness: If the surface flatness of the glass-magnesia board substrate is not good, the unevenness of the uneven portion due to the force at the time of pressing may easily lead to carbonization, resulting in failure of press-fitting.

 3. Returning to the halogen: The low price of ordinary glass magnesium plate not only has poor control of free chloride ions, but also the maintenance is unscientific, and the raw materials used are mostly sanding materials, without any activity, so it is easy to cause the problem of returning halogen back. Tianhua modified glass magnesium plate uses high-purity magnesium oxide, the magnesium oxide content is more than 75%, and the active magnesium oxide content is not less than 50%, which ensures the quality of raw materials. 

4. Strength and toughness: Some unscrupulous manufacturers, in order to compete for the market, reduce product quality, use low-cost glass brazing cloth without any alkali resistance, which seriously reduces the strength and toughness of the substrate. Tianhua glass magnesium board adopts the medium-alkali glass brazing cloth commonly used in developed countries in the West, and even if it is a 4mm thin plate, three layers of glass brazing cloth are thrown to ensure the high strength and high toughness of the substrate.