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Grey MgO Board


Magnesium Oxide (Mgo), Magnesium Chloride, Perlite, Sawdust, Fiberglass Mesh, Non-Woven Cloth Etc.





Grey Mgo Board Composition

Magnesium Oxide (Mgo), Magnesium Chloride, Perlite, Sawdust, Fiberglass Mesh, Non-Woven Cloth Etc.


Thickness: 3mm-20mm

Max length: 3000mm

Max width: 1220mm

Other size also can be produced by customers’ needs.

Grey Mgo Board Main Features

1.Excellent fire resisiatnce             

2.Class A1 non-combustible




6.Acid and alkali resistance.

7.Heat and sound insulation     

8.Low shrinkage rate   


10.High strength

11.Smooth surface, can be painted, pasted tile, pasted wallpaper and other decorative materials.

12.Construction cost of low, and can be cut, saw,nail,and bent.

Grey Mgo Board Production Flow

Production→Curing→Cutting→Dusting→Final product→Packing


Grey Mgo Board Applications

In many applications, MgO boards can be used in the same ways as gypsum and Portland cement sheathings. The substitution is not fully direct in terms of sheet thicknesses, fastening methods and joint treatments, but is very similar. This makes MgO board an easy product to use. The possible uses of MgO board are vast, and some of them include:Firewalls. Partitions.Structural sheathing for wood or metal stud walls.Shower stall tile backer board.Facings for structural panels engineered to use MgO as the facing.Shaft liners.Ceilings.Soffits.Fascia.Substrates for coatings and insulated systems.

Basic Information

zhangjiagang Leader New Construction Material Co.,Ltd., and Zhangjiagang Leader Import & Export Co.,ltd.are all subsidiary of LEADER GROUP (industry) CO.,LTD.,It located in Zhangjiagang City, in the famous Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone.

Zhangjiagang Leader New Construction Material Co.,Ltd.was established 2001,we produce building materials,such as MGO board,Magnesia board,Sandwich board,PVC ceiling board,fiber cement board,calcium silicate board,siding, T-Bar,and some accessory. Which can be used in interior and exterior wall.

Zhangjiagang Leader Import & Export Co.,ltd. was established in 2008, more than 90% product export through this company,Our product has been export to Southeast Asia,Middle East, the US, European Union, and other countries and regions.

We have a sound quality control system, normative progress operation standard, and advanced production equipment. Here, we warmly welcome Chinese and Foreign customers to visit our company for inspection, guidance, communication and cooperation!


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