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Fireproof Wall Panel

Fireproof Wall Panel


Fireproof Wall Panel is the building material widely used in the construction area. Magnesia Oxide Board material:MgO,MgCl2,Perlite,Fiberglass,Chip compounds to deliver a multi-purpose,versatile,non-comnustible,and unique board material.






Excellent performance of mgo fireproof wall panel

    1. Fire prevention: The product is smoke-free and non-combustible, and the fire protection level reaches A1 level, and the temperature above 2000 degrees can only be carbonized;

    2. Mothproof: special plates made with special inorganic technology, which have the function of mothproof;

    3. Natural freshness: refined and processed by magnesium powder, water, crop rice, wheat straw, fresh color;

    4. Zero formaldehyde: no artificial formaldehyde glue is added in the production process, and the board is green and environmentally friendly;

    5. Heat insulation and sound insulation: the product has uniform density, high strength, no aging, good heat insulation performance and excellent sound insulation effect;

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