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Interior Wall Insulation Boards


If you're not familiar with interior wall insulation boards Mgo Board, you're in good company.






1. The interior wall insulation boards is made of non-combustible materials magnesium oxychloride, magnesium oxide, alkali-resistant glass fiber cloth, wood chips, etc. It is processed by a full set of automated assembly line equipment using special production techniques. It has many advantages such as environmental protection, tasteless, non-toxic, non-flammable and smoke-free, high-strength and light weight, sound insulation and heat preservation, waterproof and fireproof, non-freezing and non-corrosive, minimal expansion and contraction rate without cracking and deformation.
2. Application of interior wall insulation boards: Glass magnesium board is widely used in hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, night clubs, banks, hospitals, supermarkets, office buildings and residential homes and other interior decoration partition walls, suspended ceilings. It is fully adapted to thermal insulation structures, sound insulation walls, movable partitions, special-grade fire protection, plywood in fire doors, external packaging of equipment boxes and other areas.

3. Glass magnesium plate storage: The fireproof board can resist bad weather, but in order to keep it dry during use, it is recommended to ask the user to store it indoors. The ground should be flat or planked.

4. Glass magnesium plate processing: The fireproof board can be broken by hand saw, electric saw, or with a straight edge of utility knife. It can be fixed with iron nails, self-tapping screws, nail guns or after drilling.   

5. Decoration: interior wall insulation boards can be pasted with wallpaper, red and white beech veneer, painted, painted, tiled, mosaic, etc. Note: A steel wire mesh should be reinforced on the board surface when tiling mosaics. Paste rough with cement mortar and paste.

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