Magnesium Panels

Magnesium panels is a mineral based green builder product. Magnesia Oxide Board material:MgO,MgCl2,Perlite,Fiberglass,Chip compounds to deliver a multi-purpose,versatile,non-comnustible,and unique board material.
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In addition to the fire-retardant and flame-retardant properties, the  magnesium panels is added with appropriate fillers such as sawdust and straw during the manufacturing process. The material performance is close to that of the wood-based board, which can be nailed, sawn, and planed. It has good flexibility and high strength. Good impact resistance and water resistance, some indicators are better than all kinds of wood-based panels. Therefore, the glass magnesium decorative board can be used for making closet boards, roofing panels, interior wall decorative boards, furniture, mobile homes, car and ship compartment panels, etc.

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