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Magnesium Board Fire Rating


Magnesium board fire Rrating is a mineral based green builder product. Magnesia Oxide Board material:MgO,MgCl2,Perlite,Fiberglass,Chip compounds to deliver a multi-purpose,versatile,non-comnustible,and unique board material.






Magnesium board fire rating has outstanding fire performance. Magnesium oxychloride products are non-combustible materials with a melting point of 2270°C and a fire resistance rating of 1-4 hours. In terms of refractory temperature and time, it is significantly higher than cement and even steel, and no harmful gas is emitted during the flame retardant process. All magnesium oxychloride products can reach the fireproof and non-combustible level (A1 level) even if they are added with sawdust, straw and other fillers. Various types of magnesium oxychloride construction products (glass magnesium board, decorative board, fire door core board, light partition wall board, etc.) can win valuable time for people to escape and reduce property losses in the event of fire, so they are fired by foreign buildings. The field is regarded as a very ideal fireproof material, and the export volume of products has also increased year by year.

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