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Modifier for magnesium sulfate plate

Jan 28, 2018

The research on the modifier of magnesium sulfate plate has been experienced for 3 years. After thousands of hardships and numerous successes and failures, it was successfully developed with 2015. After half a year of experiments, it is proved that magnesium sulfate plate replaces magnesium chloride in technology. A new era of low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials that are maturing to mature, producers have no worries, users are not harmed, and the future of society is no longer suffering; in order to further promote this project to the market, various types of magnesium sulfate plate modification The agent can cooperate with the production process to meet the annual production;

Magnesium sulphate plate modifier: Through the modification of our magnesium sulphate plate modifier and the production of related equipment, the strength of the magnesium sulphate plate has been greatly increased, and the magnesium sulphate plate solution without the addition of the magnesium sulphate plate modifier is mixed. After the reaction, after 14 days of curing, the strength was 42.3 MPa, and the same ratio and curing time were added after adding our magnesium sulphate plate modifier, but the strength could be increased to 79.1 MPa; its strength almost increased by one. As a water-resistant material, generally the water softening coefficient of ≥0.85 is immersed for 7 days. After adding the modifier, the softening coefficient is 0.99. From this softening index, it can be seen that the scientifically modified magnesium sulfate The slab can completely change the inherent understanding that this gas-hard material is not resistant to water, making it possible to obtain a wider range of applications. At this stage, the magnesium sulphate plate material has been modified with magnesium sulphate to match the production process of our unit.