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Production process of magnesium sulphate plate

May 04, 2018

The production process of magnesium sulphate board is more complicated, and there are more materials used. This material picks temperature and environment, and needs some additives. Although the main raw material of magnesium sulphate board is magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride, it is not the only one. The magnesium sulfate plate belongs to a quaternary system, and it is necessary to dissolve magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride in water to cause a chemical reaction, and the unmodified magnesium sulfate plate is easily cracked and deformed, so the modifier is the fourth largest element. Of course, it is also necessary to fill with fiberglass cloth, sawdust, etc. as a reinforcing material. This article will introduce you in detail: magnesium sulfate board. At present, many manufacturers and research units in the country are actively working on the research and application of tunnel composite fireproof panels. With the advancement of these efforts, more and better tunnel composite fireproof panel products will be available to meet the needs of society. This can promote the development of tunnel composite fireproof panels and the development of high-energy fire-resistant auxiliaries, so that the tunnel composite fireproof panels will be in a good development track. See the development trend of fireproof materials in China from the fire show. Fire protection technology and product information, :-. Research on tunnel fireproof panels and preparation of industry standards. New building materials,:-. . Discussion on integrated application technology of tunnel fireproof panels. Journal of Underground Space and Engineering, :-. Research on environmentally friendly composite tunnel fireproof panels. Fire Science and Technology, :-. Research on environmentally friendly tunnel fireproof panels. Chongqing: Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering, Chongqing University, new concept of tunnel fire protection - composite fire board design. Fire protection technology and product information, is a review of tunnel fire retardant coatings. Fire technology and product information, research status of tunnel fire retardant coatings.