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Main performance characteristics of magnesium sulphate plate

Jan 04, 2018

The magnesium sulphate board is a new type of inorganic fireproof decorative board which is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium sulphate and water as the main raw materials, supplemented with necessary filling materials. The main performance characteristics of the magnesium sulfate board are:

1, gas hard

Magnesium sulfate fireproof board is different from ordinary Portland cement in solidifying and solidifying mechanism. It is a gas-hardening cementitious material and does not harden in water.

2, multi-component

The magnesium sulfate plate is multi-component, and the one-component light-burning powder is hardened with water and has substantially no strength. Its main components are light burnt powder and magnesium sulfate, and other components include water, modifiers and fillers. 3. Mild and non-corrosive to steel

It uses magnesium sulfate as a blending agent. Compared with magnesium oxychloride cement, it does not contain chloride ions and is non-corrosive to steel. Therefore, magnesium sulfate board has replaced magnesium oxychloride cement in the field of fireproof door core board and exterior wall insulation board. Reduce the risk of corrosion of steel due to chloride ions.

4, high strength

After scientific modification of magnesium sulfate plate, the compressive strength can reach 60MPa, and the flexural strength can reach 9MPa.