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Ceiling color and pattern

Jan 02, 2019

The ceiling is high above it. For residential feng shui, it is a symbol of the sky and therefore very important. There are several precautions for the decoration and arrangement of ceilings:

First, the ceiling should have a Tianchi;

The height of modern residential buildings is about 2.8 meters. Compared with the increasing height of modern people, this standard has been slightly stressed. If the living room roof is decorated with fake ceilings, the design will be quite tired and it will be quite tired. The strong pressure of collapse and the pressure on the home will be too great. The fake ceiling is too low for the beam to be moved to the roof, and it is not suitable for feng shui or design. In this case, a false ceiling with four sides and a high middle can be used, so that not only the visual comfort is relatively good, but also the concave position in the middle of the ceiling forms a pool of water, which is also beneficial to the residential wind. If you hang a magnificent crystal lamp in the center of the pool in the water, you will have a beautiful dragon, but don't put a mirror on the ceiling. This is a taboo. Stained Glass This ceiling has a variety of graphic patterns, and can be installed inside the lighting device, but generally only used with partial decoration. If the decoration is light steel keel gypsum board ceiling or splint ceiling, when the surface is painted, the joint is sealed with gypsum powder, then sealed with cowhide tape paper, then the bottom layer and painted.

Second, the ceiling color should be light and should not be heavy;

The beginning of the ancient world was only a chaotic land, and then divided into two qi, the qi of the Qing uplifted for the sky, and the qi turbidity sinked to the ground, so there is a world. The ceiling of the living room symbolizes the color of the day. Of course, it is the main color of light color, such as light blue, which symbolizes the blue sky; while white symbolizes the white clouds. The color of the ceiling should be light, and the color of the floor should be blue to match the light weight.

Third, the dimly lit living room should have fluorescent lamps on the ceiling;

Some living rooms that lack sunlight are dark and unclear, and they are so sullen. It is easy to be depressed when they are long. If this is the case, it is best to make up for the hidden fluorescent lamps in the four wooden troughs of the ceiling. The light is refracted from the ceiling and is neither glaring, but the light from the fluorescent lamp is closest to the sun, ideal for living rooms that lack natural light. And the light and the crystal light can be paralleled, the white light is illuminated by fluorescent lamps, and the night is lit with the crystal light of Jin Bihuang.