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Magnesium sulfate board durability

Aug 16, 2018

The calcined magnesium sulphate plate and the magnesium sulphate plate prepared by the magnesium sulfate solution overcome the disadvantages of lightly burning the magnesium sulphate plate, the magnesium chloride plate made of the magnesium chloride solution is easy to absorb moisture, the chloride ion is corrosive to the metal, and the volume stability is poor. However, the conventional magnesium sulfate plate has lower strength than the magnesium chloride plate and has the disadvantage of poor water resistance.

After years of research, the magnesium sulfate plate water-resistant enhancer is a special modifier for sulphur-oxygen magnesium cementitious materials, which changes the phase composition of the sulphur-oxygen magnesium hydration product to form a layered structural strength phase. It can significantly improve the mechanical properties and water resistance durability of the magnesium sulfate plate, thereby prolonging the service life of the magnesium sulfate plate. [Scope of application]

It is suitable for any magnesium sulfate plate with light calcined magnesium sulfate plate and magnesium sulfate solution as gelling material: such as sulphur magnesia fireproof door core plate, sulphur oxymagnesia foam plate, sulphur oxychloride fireproof plate, sulphur oxymagnesium inorganic glass reinforced plastic Duct, sulphur oxymagnesium movable room, chicken house pig house, sulphur magnesia greenhouse bracket, sulphur magnesia insulation roof panel, partition wall panel, sulphur magnesia corrugated tile, sulphur oxychloride well tool, sulphur magnesia crafts, mural background Enhanced modification of products such as walls.