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Introduction of glass magnesium board application (1)

May 24, 2019

Introduction of glass magnesium board application 

As a building material, the magnesium oxide board can be applied to the ceiling plate because of its compact structure, good stability, and low deformation, and it is excellent in impact resistance, tensile strength, compression resistance and fracture resistance. Its performance density is 0.9-1.1g/cm3, which is light and shock-resistant, which reduces the weight of building interior walls by more than 60%. Even the kitchen does not have to worry, because the fire board is resistant to water and moisture, and water-free beads appear after installation and will not return to moisture. And the fire performance is good, the fire rating is up to the non-combustible level A1, without burning at 800 degrees, without fire at 1200 degrees.


The mgo board can be used for the partition wall board. The material is strong, it will not be damaged during use, and it can be recycled. With good sound insulation effect, 9mm thickness air sound insulation>42db, can be used for indoor living people to isolate the external environment to ensure a comfortable sleep. The mgo board has good heat preservation performance, uniform pores, dense and inorganic substances, and the thermal conductivity is 0.216w/cm·k, which is more heat-insulated than the 1.1w/cm·k of the lime sand brick cut, saving energy consumption. Keep your home in a comfortable environment and fresh air.


The fireproof board is insect-proof and anti-mite, and the inorganic mineral powder material constitutes the function of anti-mildew, anti-bacteria, insect-proof and termite-proof of the magnesium-magnesium board. The structural slab formulation completely solves the problem of moisture absorption and back-halogenation of magnesium oxide sheets, and its strength increases with time. It can resist corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, small change of thermal expansion and contraction, dry shrinkage rate ≤0.3%, wet expansion rate ≤0.6%, and anti-freeze resistance of -40 °C. The fireproof mgo panel is durable, resistant to aging and has a long life.


In addition, the mgo board is widely used in wallboard, flue duct, fireproof board, basement waterproof board, container floor (lining) board, load-bearing by virtue of its superior fire resistance and excellent compression and folding resistance.building template board.