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Laminate materials and products

Dec 02, 2018

In the Chinese standard classification, HPL laminates relate to printed circuits, electrical insulation materials and their products, wood-based panels, electrical materials and general-purpose parts, synthetic resins, plastic basic standards and general methods, blankets, plastic profiles, hoses, Tapes, tapes, pressure vessels, metal forging materials for aerospace and aerospace, synthetic resins, plastics, fiber reinforced composites, plastic components, building construction and decoration engineering, insulation, sound absorption, lightweight and fireproof materials, aerospace and aerospace Non-metallic materials, glass fiber, wood structure engineering, adhesive basic standards and general methods, adhesives, roofing, surfacing waterproof and moisture-proof materials, aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing equipment integration, transmission line equipment, small ship overall, electronic technology-specific materials , AC and DC electrical instrument recording equipment, cold processing technology, basic standards and general methods, silk and silk fabrics, construction plastic products, printing technology, metallurgical raw materials and auxiliary materials, mechanical instruments, automatic weighing equipment and other testing instruments , wood fittings, electronic components, passenger cars, foundations General methods of registration, integrated electronic components, wood processing materials, welding and cutting.

An ultraviolet protective film suitable for extrusion on an HPL laminate (HPL), characterized in that the protective film has a layer connected to each other from the outside to the inside: a layer A comprising a fluoropolymer, a PMMA layer B comprising at least one UV stabilizer and/or UV absorber, and a layer C comprising at least one tackifier and at least one poly(meth)acrylate, wherein layer C may be impregnated with resin Paper extrusion forms HPL and layers B and/or C have at least one impact toughness modifier in the international standard classification. HPL laminates relate to printed circuits and printed circuit boards, insulation materials, fire protection, reinforced plastics, textile products. , non-woven fabrics, rubber and plastic products, wood-based panels, fluid storage devices, materials for aerospace manufacturing, cans, hearing, tubes, food processes, kitchen equipment, vocabulary, building components, plastics, building materials, buildings Protection, composite reinforcements, adhesives and adhesive products, wood, logs and sawn timber, surface treatment and plating, small vessels, shipbuilding and offshore structures, building structures, electrical engineering, foam Materials, printing technology, valves, piping components and piping, chemical products, insulating fluids, electronic component assemblies, furniture, welding, brazing and low temperature welding.