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Laminate main raw materials

Nov 28, 2018

Is HPL a laminate? Many people have this kind of question. HPL boards, also called fire boards, are very common in today's interior decoration applications. They can be used on kitchen countertops, public bathroom partitions, office cubicles, and even on the table of your favorite restaurant. . It may be one of the most functional and ubiquitous materials in residential and commercial design. But despite the widespread use, there are still many people who don't know enough about it. So today, the Greenya decorative fireproof board is a small series to tell you about HPL and laminate.

The full name of HPL in English is “decorative high-pressure laminate”, which is generally called fireproof board in China. The main raw material of the board is paper and resin. The multi-layer paper is impregnated with resin and made of high temperature and high pressure. The styles are diverse and the performance is excellent. In a variety of environments. The official definition of a laminate is "an artificial decorative material applied to the surface of a substrate." It is commonly referred to as HPL or high pressure laminates, but its technical name is a thermoset high pressure decorative plastic laminate. Laminates have many functions and can be widely used. It has hundreds of designs, low maintenance, heat and impact resistance, and high investment value. So it can be seen that HPL is actually a kind of laminate, and HPL is the most commonly used laminate. They consist of a multilayer resin-treated paper that is fused together during manufacture. HPL can adhere to a variety of substrates, has similar dimensional characteristics to wood, and can expand and contract with humidity. They are suitable for any application requiring durability and impact resistance, for vertical and horizontal surfaces, low initial cost and 5 to 15 years of service life. HPL offers hundreds of designs and a variety of surface treatments.