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Distinguish Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnesium Oxide Board

May 18, 2019

1.The difference in magnesium oxide:

High-quality board: Using at least 85% High-grade powder, the total content of magnesium is 85-90%, the activity is at least 60% or more. we have a professional laboratory which can detect every batch of magnesium oxide, once the indicator is insufficient, all the MgO will be returned.

Inferior board: Within 75% powder, the total content of magnesium is less than 75%, and the activity is less than 50%, so the boards don’t react, appear soft and wet.

2.The difference in magnesium chloride:

High-quality board: Adopting domestic famous brands and ensure that their indicators meet the correct molar ratio formula.

Inferior board: Using Industrial waste water, there is no molar ratio concept, so the board will be too dry or too wet, too soft or too hard. Also the board will be warping, damp and frosty.

3.The difference between perlite:

High-quality board: The specialized manufacturer provides us with high-grade perlite with stable particle size, suitable quantity and standard packaging.

Inferior board: The use of irregular scattered perlite, resulting in the board being too light or too heavy, sometimes the board also deforms.

4.The difference in mesh cloth:

High-quality board: The special interwoven platinum sand which is alkali-resistant and reinforced, with two layers above and below, and two layers of hydrophilic non-woven fabric ensures that the high density board will not deform, and does not decay for a long time.

Inferior board: The cheap homespun which is nearly cracking, will lost density after the long-time-use, it deforms and warps when it is wet. Some manufacturers use a layer of platinum cloth and three layer of homespun, which mainly causes the deformation and warping.

5.The difference in wood flour:

High-quality board: The moisture content of the dried wood powder is less than 10%, and the price of the dried wood powder is over one thousand tons per ton, which is guaranteed to meet the requirements of the correct molar ratio formula.

Inferior board: Cheap wet wood powder hasn’t been dried, and the moisture is too high, resulting in a wrong molar ratio, causing back-halogen, frosty, and sometimes the board being wet.

6.The difference in the maintenance room:

High-quality board: The scientific standard maintenance room with constant temperature and humidity guarantees sufficient response, and the unprotected board will never leave the factory.

Inferior board: There is no professional standard maintenance room, the boards make chemical response on good weather, while don’t make any response on poor weather.

7.Different recipes:

High-quality board: Using dynamic ratio, different formulations, we use self-developed water-resistant agents, enhancers, accelerators, retarders and so on.

Inferior board: No dynamic concept, only one formula all year round.