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Ceiling main raw material

Feb 08, 2018

Classic white ceiling: The classic Western plasterboard trim panel on the ceiling, combined with the sleek chandeliers, enriches the original empty ceiling. Ceiling ceilings are mainly used in airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, subway stations and residential buildings. There are gypsum board, mineral wool board, PVC, aluminum gusset and soft ceiling on the market.

The first generation of products are gypsum board and mineral wool board.

The second generation is PVC.

The third generation of products is metal ceilings.

The fourth generation is a self-cleaning ceiling.

Gypsum board and mineral wool board are also constantly improving, with waterproof gypsum board and sound-absorbing mineral wool board. However, they have a single plate shape and are not easy to scrub. They are installed for the open frame keel and are used for engineering. PVC products are poor in oxidation resistance, non-moisture-proof, non-fireproof, easy to deform, and discolored. They are mostly used in old-fashioned home improvement. With the improvement of people's quality requirements for decoration, the home decoration has basically used aluminum gussets to make ceilings.

Gypsum board

Gypsum ceiling is made of plaster and gypsum as the main raw material. It has the properties of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, flame retardant and sawability. However, the gypsum board has a suspended ceiling and is easy to crack and deform. Multi-purpose and commercial space science, generally adopts 600600 specification, with distinction between bright bone and dark bone. The keel is usually made of aluminum or iron.