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Characteristics of magnesium sulfate plate

May 07, 2018

Fire prevention: The furniture substrate is made of inorganic mineral powder, which meets the international standard GB864-2006 A1 standard. It is completely non-combustible and has a fire resistance temperature of over 1200 °C.

2, waterproof: magnesium sulfate board furniture substrate is moisture-proof and water-resistant, will not swell after moisture immersion, will not deform, the strength will not decrease, the product performance will remain unchanged.

3, anti-bacteria: inorganic mineral powder has a inhibitory effect on mold, magnesium sulfate board furniture substrate added environmental modifier, has the role of eliminating ** and ** bacteria, will not breed microorganisms, cracking mildew. It has the characteristics of anti-bacteria, mildew proof, insect proof, environmental protection and sanitation.

4. Environmental protection: The raw materials used are natural minerals and fibers. They do not contain formaldehyde, benzene and asbestos. The formaldehyde content is zero, no radioactivity, green, safe and healthy.

5, material stability: magnesium sulfate board furniture substrate thermal expansion and contraction physical properties are stable, wet expansion rate ≦ 0.3%, dry shrinkage ≦ 0.2%, will not change the quality of furniture due to weather, environment, temperature and humidity changes To ensure the life of the furniture.

6, light weight and high strength: magnesium sulfate plate is made of two or more layers of high-quality fiberglass mesh, with a unique network structure, plate density between 0.9-1.0, in the three-dimensional fiber mesh mixing enhanced, making it impact resistant And more excellent resistance to bending.

7. Grip force: After testing, the structure of the three-dimensional fiber of the furniture substrate makes the front of the nail of the furniture substrate 1313N and the side is 1099N, which is the same as the MDF.

8, durable: moisture-proof and water-resistant, physical performance is stable, with high technology, to ensure that the furniture will not be deformed and mildewed due to the moisture of the substrate board, the surface will not be cracked and damaged, affecting the appearance and service life.

The furniture substrate is an inner core sheet, that is, a plain board, which can be made of paint, blister or composite facing fireproof board, glass reinforced plastic, veneer and other decorative materials to form the cabinet board and the door panel.