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Fire resistance of magnesium sulfate plate

Jan 16, 2018

By comparing the tables and the tables, it can be found that the addition of the heat insulation layer can significantly improve the fire endurance of the expanded foamed material, wherein the acid aluminum fiber and the light magnesium sulfate plate have better effects. The influence of the surface insulation layer on the fire endurance of the tunnel fireproof board No. Steel plate, heat insulation layer, foaming material Fire resistance limit added value Aluminum silicate fiber Rock wool fiber Sound absorption mineral wool plate Light magnesium sulfate plate Expanded Perlite plate insulation layer The effect of the sequence with the expanded foam layer on the refractory energy. The materials and construction methods are the same as above. The difference is that the foam layer is applied on the steel plate first, and then the heat insulation layer is placed. The test results are shown in the table. Comparing the tables and tables, it can be found that the order of the insulation layers is different, and the fire resistance limits are on average about the difference.

Such as heat-insulating fire-resistant paint thick coating type water and moisture resistance, not easy to cure, can not be durable in humid environment. Intumescent coatings contain more organic components, poor chemical stability, low water, moisture and chemical corrosion resistance, and are not ideal for durability. The new fireproof sheet is made of chemically stable inorganic non-combustible material. It is autoclaved by high temperature, does not cause insects, corrosion, mildew, and is not affected by moisture. It has good resistance to external environmental conditions and can be applied at the same time. In indoor or outdoor environments, there have been more than a few years of use in foreign countries, and no failure has been found so far. 2 substrate factors. The use of paint to protect steel components, if the steel substrate is improperly pretreated, will also significantly affect the adhesion and adhesion of the coating, which in turn affects durability.

There are certain requirements for the construction environment of the ring. If the ambient temperature is greater than °C, there is not much demand for the research and application of the relative humidity of the tunnel. Basic Principles When studying tunnel fireproof panels, consideration should be given to the tunnel surface covering materials, which should meet the following severe conditions and requirements for the tunnel environment: general pollution; humidity and moisture; frost; air flow effects and cleaning; Chemical corrosion caused by salt spray and vehicle exhaust emissions; refraction, reflection and absorption of light. Therefore, the fireproof sheet of the tunnel adopts a composite structure after repeated tests, and is composed of a plurality of plate unit combinations, each of which includes the following four parts: 4 fixed with a perforated joint on the tunnel liner Metal protective skeleton; 6 composite flame retardant insulation layer disposed in the space separated by the metal protection skeleton is composed of two parts: an expanded foam layer and a heat insulation layer; 6 is fixed on the protective frame and covered by the composite flame retardant insulation layer Metal protective panel; 9 metal seal for sealing between the skeleton gaps between the plate units.

The construction diagram is shown in the figure Figure tunnel composite fire board construction schematic. The requirements and technical specifications of the tunnel composite fireproof board are based on the fire characteristics of the tunnel and the tunnel design specifications and standards. When developing the tunnel composite fireproof board, the fireproof board should have the following characteristics: good physical and chemical energy. It can effectively resist the effects of freezing, salt spray and smoke in the tunnel; it is not contaminated by plastic, rubber burning and automobile exhaust; it can resist the influence of air flow and is easy to clean. Excellent moisture resistance. The surface of the board is sprayed or painted to prevent moisture from accumulating on the surface. Green. Green building materials, no, no formaldehyde, and other harmful substances, in line with the standards of materials production smoke classification, in the case of high temperatures or open flames will not produce harmful gases and smoke.

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