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Laminate product type

Aug 15, 2018

HPL laminates (LPL) are also known as melamine sheets or direct pressure laminates. They consist of a single layer of wear on a single decorative panel and are only recommended for vertical surfaces or low impact/low flow areas. The initial cost of LPL is very low, but only one to five years of life. They offer a limited amount of design and surface treatment. Laminate design

When choosing a laminate for your project, there are more factors to consider besides color and design. Designers must also determine the type of laminate, texture, edge treatment, and substrate or post-forming requirements. In most cases, these decisions are based on the product's performance needs, budget, and intended use.

Many people are unaware that there are several types of HPL available. HPL is usually divided into several product types: general purpose, vertical surface, post-forming, flame retardant, high abrasion resistance, chassis liner and backing. Most laminates fall into the general category. Universal laminates can be used for both horizontal and vertical surfaces where the surface must be functional, decorative and durable, such as a residential kitchen countertop or countertop. Vertical surface laminates provide decorative and functional surfaces for walls or surfaces with minimal impact and wear, while columnar laminates are compatible with heating and bending processes, forming laminates in radius to eliminate seams in more than 90 different types Special and performance laminates. Each product was developed to meet specific performance needs, such as ultra-thick laminates that do not require a substrate, ultra-thin laminates used in cabinets, or double-sided laminates with double-sided decorative surfaces. Other specialty laminates are designed for specific environments, such as hospitals or buses.