Exterior Wall Cement Board

Exterior Wall Cement Board is extremely durable, and it may last 50 years or more.
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Product Details

Exterior Wall Cement Board is extremely durable, and it may last 50 years or more. 

Main Characteristic
1. Heat preservation, energy-saving                                          -
2. The cost for TITAN siding coated with wall paint reduces
3. A wide spectrum of color                                                          
4. 20-50% durable, economical and dimensional stability
5. Light weight, saft and reliable, non-combustible                    
6. Corrosion resistance, rot proof, anti-bacterial, good chemical resistance
7. Wide applications, suitable for a new development or refurbishment project      
8. Impact resistance, frost resistance and no lamination
9. Compared with other traditional external wall decoration systems 

Paramenter list


Testing Result



1.2-1.5 g/cm3

JC/T 412.1-2006

Bending Strength(Air-Dry)

12.2 Mpa

JC/T 412.1-2006

Bending Strength(Water-saturated)

8.0 Mpa

JC/T 412.1-2006

Anti-Folding Elastic.Modulus

6550 Mpa

GB/T 17657-1999

Anti-Impact Strength

3.6 KJ/M2

GB/T 7019-1999


No obvious discoloration on the surface(2000h)

GB/T 16259-1996


No Layer,No Crack

GB/T 7019-1997

Back Bolt Anti-Pulling


JGJ 145-2013

Thermal Conductivity

0.19 W/(m.k)

GB/T 10294-2008

Water Absorption Rate


GB/T 7019-1997

Asbestos Content

No Asbestos

HJ/T 223-2005

Coating Alkali Resistance

No Change

GB/T 17749-1999

Coating Stain Resistance(5 cycles)

No Change

GB/T 17749-1999

Anti wind pressure

8 Grade

GB/T 15227-2007

Fire resistance

A1 Grade